a story for Il Giornalino, by Giancarlo Alessandrini

Giancarlo Alessandrini was born in Jesi, in the province of Ancona, Italy. He entered the world of comics in 1972. After illustrating several stories for pocket publications, he started working for the magazine Il Corriere dei Ragazzi, where he began a collaboration with the scriptwriter Mino Milani. His first story was 'Il Cifrario del Maggiore Martin', an episode in the series 'L'inviato nel Tempo'. Alessandrini also cooperated with scriptwriters like Pier Carpi, Manocchia, Alfredo Castelli, Ventura, Selva and Maltese. With Milani, he created the fantasy seires 'Anni 2000' in 1973, followed by 'Lork Shark' two years later.

Martin Mystere, by Giancarlo Alessandrini

By now, Alessandrini had joined the Giolitti studios, where he began a large production for foreign publishers. He illustrated various war stories for the British Fleetway Publications, which were mostly published in Battle. He also continued to work for the Corriere dei Ragazzi, this time with the series 'Il Maeatro'. He left the magazine after a dispute with the editor however, and afterwards, took on 'Eva Kant' (the partner of 'Diabolik') with scripwriters Castelli and Gomboli in the Italian Cosmopolitan. He was assigned by the publishing house Bonelli to illustrate some titles in the collection 'Un Uomo un'Avventura', with scripts by Castelli.

Martin Mystère, by Giancarlo Alessandrini
Martin Mystère

He was also present in Il Giornalino with 'Ai Confini dell'Avventura', 'Storie di Tutti i Tempi' and 'Rosco & Sonny' (with scripts by Nizzi), and cooperated on some episodes of Berardi and Milazzo's 'Ken Parker' series. For the magazine Supergulp of the publishing house Mondadori, he illustrated the first episodes of the 'Allan Quatermain' series, the precursor of 'Martin Mystère'.

Rosco & Sonny by Giancarlo Alessandrini
Rosco & Sonny - Lo Scippo (Il Giornalino #46, 22/11/1981)

With Castelli, he contributed to the Bonelli series 'Mister No' and 'Long Rifle', before embarking on their best known series, the one about the adventurous archaeologist 'Martin Mystère' in 1982. Many artists have drawn the series, but Alessandrini remained the main artist, illustrating various episodes and all of the covers. The series was featured in Bonelli's new magazine Zona X in 1992, for which Alessandrini drew several covers.

Indiana Jones, by Giancarlo Alessandrini
Indiana Jones

In addition, Alessandrini teamed up with Roberto Dal'Pra and produced 'L'Uomo di Mosca' in the magazine Torpedo in 1990 and 'Anastasia Brown' in Comic Art in 1991. In the magazine Comic Art, Alessandrini established himself as an allround author, writing and drawing 'Fatti e Misfatti a Planet Arium', a series of short gags.

Outremer, by Giancarlo Alessandrini

In 1993, he drew 'Indiana Jones' with scripts by Claude Moliterni for the French publishing house Bagheera. In 2001, he illustrated the fantasy saga 'Outremer' with scripts by Beretta, which is published in France by Albin Michel from 2001 and in Italy by Otremare from 2002.

Martin Mystère, by Giancarlo Alessandrini

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