Caricature - The Gold Mommy, by Daniel Clowes
Caricature - The Gold Mommy

Daniel Clowes is part of the second generation of American underground comix artists. Clowes was born in Chicago, and attended the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. He made his debut in late 1970s and throughout this decade, he has contributed to Psycho Comics, Look Mom Presents, Love & Rockets, Anything Goes, Doomsdag Squad, Twist, Judo Joe, Prime Cuts, Amazing Heroes, Village Voice, Weirdo, Young Lust and National Lampoon. Between April 1986 and December 1988, Clowes published his own 'Lloyd Llewellyn' comic book at Fantagraphics.

Bill Trouble, by Daniel Clowes
Bill Trouble (The Previous Future #1, 1981)

In October of the following year, he came up with 'Eightball', in which he published most of his work from then on, featuring Enid and Rebecca, the main characters from 'Ghost World', David Boring, and the frustrated comics artist Dan Pussey, who stars in the comics novella 'Pussey!', a funny who's-who-in-U.S.-comix, featuring Art Spiegelman and Harvey Kurtzman.

David Boring, by Daniel Clowes
The Further Adventures of David Boring (Eightball, 1999)

A recurring theme in Clowes work is the feeling of isolation in a world replete with erotic stimuli and consumer goods that haunts his main characters. The artist's mastery of bringing comic characters to life is such that his best-seller 'Ghost World' features two completely convincing teenage girls - no small feat for a male artist in his forties. In 2001, Clowes participated in MGM's cinema adaptation of this story about growing up by Terry Zwigoff. In 2006, 'Art School Confidential' was also adapted to film.

Hippypants and Peace Bear, by Daniel Clowes
Twentieth Century Eightball

The theme of alienation is also evident in his highly praised graphic novel 'David Boring', that was collected in book format by Pantheon Books in 2000. 'Wilson' is yet another story about a loner, that was released directly as a graphic novel by Drawn & Quarterly in 2010. This publisher also released his 2004 story 'The Death-Ray' as a graphic novel in October 2011.

Duplex Planet, by Dan Clowes

Fantagraphics has published most of the short stories that were serialized in 'Eigthball' in book collections like 'Orgy Bound' (1996), 'Caricature' (1998), 'Twentieth Century Eightball' (2002). In the spring of 1998, Clowes did an impressive gallery show at Galerie Lambiek and a special silkscreen, 'Clowes in Space', was made for the occasion.

Eightball, by Daniel Clowes
20th Century Eightball (1979)

Daniel Clowes exposition
1998 at Galerie Lambiek
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