Os 2 Amigos na Cidade Dos Montros Marinhos, by Jayme Cortez (1946)
Os 2 Amigos na Cidade Dos Montros Marinhos (1946)

Portuguese comic artist Jayme Cortez began his career in the magazine O Mosquito as an apprentice of Eduardo Teixeira Coelho. For this magazine, he created various comics, like the series 'Os 2 Amigos'. In 1947, he emigrated to Brazil, where he created the comics 'Caça aos Tubarões' and 'O Guarany' for the journal Diário da Noite. In 1948, he worked with Messias de Melo for Gazeta Juvenil and Gazeta Esportiva. Later, he began working for the McCann Ericson advertising company. Jayme Cortez has won several prizes for his illustrations, and his work has been exhibited in Brazil's most important museum, the Masp in São Paulo.

Os 2 Amigos, by Jayme Cortez (1946)
Os 2 Amigos (1946)

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