Tamara Boula, by Christian Darasse

Christian Darasse was born in France, but moved to Belgium in the early 1970s. Christian Darasse made his comic debut in 1974 with the publication of 'L'Arbre du Vie' in Curiosity Magazine. This comic was followed by 'Ténèbres'. In 1977, he joined Spirou magazine, with 'Candice et les Crabs', written by Claude-Jean Legrand. The following year, he teamed up with Bosse. Together, they created the poetic series 'Zowie', which ran until 1983. Bosse and Darasse also produced the science-fiction comic 'Sin Glass' (in Spirou) and 'Plume ent Mutine' (in Oxygène).

Zowie, by Christian Darasse

When Darasse and fellow artists Bernald Hislaire and Marc Michetz formed an atelier above a Mazda garage, Darasse got inspired to start a parodying comic series. Therefore, Darasse created 'Le Gang Mazda' in 1987. This humorous series parodied and exaggerated the characteristiscs of the three artists in their atelier. Darasse was occasionally assisted by Bernard Hislaire or Tome for the scenarios. With Tome, he launched 'Les Minoukinis' at Glénat in 1997. In 2001, he took on the gag series 'Tamara Boula', yet again in Spirou, and written by Zidrou.

De Mazdabende in de wolken, by Christian Darasse

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