comic art by Nicolas de Crecy

After studying at the Angoulême comics art school, Nicolas De Crécy made his debut in 1987 with 'Bug Jargal', an adaptation of a work by Victor Hugo, adapted by his friend Sylvain Chomet. Then he worked for two years with the French Walt Disney Studios. Meanwhile, he found the time to make the highly acclaimed album 'Foligatto', scripted by fellow Angoulême school artist Alexios Tjoyas. This utterly surreal story about a castrato opera singer in a seemingly eighteenth-century Italian city, immediately made De Crécy one of the most important young comics authors. His baroque, Klimt-like drawings and unusual use of color gave 'Foligatto' its uniquely haunting atmosphere.

Concerto Lugubre, by Nicolas de Crecy

He teamed up with Chomet again and created 'Léon la Came' in 1995, a masterful satire of the post-industrial society and neo-liberal madness. The first of the trilogy, 'Léon-la-Came' was followed by 'Laid, Pauvre et Malade' and 'Priez Pour Nous', which also feature not only De Crécy's hallmark hallucinatory monochrome images, but story lines of increasing absurdity as well. De Crécy also drew the playful black and white 'Monsieur Fruit' series, as well as the baroque full-color fantasy 'Bibendum Céleste'.

Also active in animation, De Crécy worked on the feature film 'La Vieille Dame et les Pigeons', again in cooperation with Chomet. At the publishing house Dupuis, he created the silent comic 'Prosopopus' in 2003, and the absurd antropomorph series 'Salvatore' two years later.

comic by Nicolas de Crécy

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