Sam's Strip, by Jerry Dumas

Gerald Dumas had an obsession for comics since an early age, yet he did not go on to study art. After receiving a degree in English, he went to work in Mort Walker's studios, where he worked as a text editor on 'Beetle Bailey', and 'Hi and Lois'. From 1968, he wooperated on the scriptwriting, drawing and lettering of 'Boner's Ark'. Also with Walker, he created 'Sam's Strip', for which Dumas did the artwork. This extraordinary and self-parodying strip, in which the main character hosted the strip like a TV show and had guests from other strips, ran from 1961 until 1963. During this period, Dumas also made humorous illustrations for famous magazines like the New Yorker, the New York Times, and The Post.

Sam's Strip, by Jerry Dumas
Sam's Strip (1962)

In 1977, Dumas and Walker reprised the 'Sam' character in the newspaper strip 'Sam als Silo' for the King Features Syndicate. Also a writer, Dumas published his novel 'An Afternoon in Waterloo Park', in which he told his childhood memories, in 1972. He also does scriptwriting on comic strips for other artists, such as 'Rabbits Rafferty' (with Mel Crawford), 'Benchley' (with Mort Drucker), and 'McCall of the Wild' (again with Crawford).

Sam's Strip, by Jerry Dumas

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