Cover for Le Petit Vingtième by EvanyCover for Le Petit Vingtième by Evany
Covers for Le Petit Vingtième (9/10/1930 and 18/12/1930)

Eugène van Nijverseel, who used the pseudonym Evany, was the first assistant of Hergé. He worked with the creator of Tintin between 1929 and 1931, inking the installments of 'Tintin au Congo' and the 'Quick et Flupke' gags that appeared in Le Petit Vingtième. He also illustrated several covers for this supplement of Le XXe Siècle.
He also took over the character of 'Totor' in the Le Boy Scout Belge and created a new run from February to July 1930. When Tintin magazine was launched in 1946, Evany became head of Studio Lombard, the art studio that provided the editorial illustrations. Artists that worked under his reign were Tibet, Craenhals, Funcken and Macherot. He was also responsible for the layouts. Van Nijverseel was also a painter.

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