Le Derby, by Olivier Fiquet

Olivier Fiquet entered the comics field after meeting Raymond Maric in 1987. He cooperated with Maric on several game pages for the magazine Fripounet. He then joned the publishing house Vaillant, where he did game pages in Pif Gadget and Pifou Découverte, as well as several covers for Parade. When Pif Gadget folded in 1992, Fiquet moved to Disney-Hachette, where he did puzzle comics with 'Mickey Mouse' and illustrations. He also took 'Roger La Haine' in the newspaper L'Avenir. In addition, Fiquet worked in advertising and animation. He was present at the relaunch of Pif Gadget in 2004. Fiquet came up with three new series: the football comic 'Le Derby', 'Mona Apprentie Détective', which he both writes and draws, and 'Les Robinsons', for which Claude Bordeleau does the artwork.

Mickey Mouse, by Olivier Fiquet


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