Double Gauche by Gil Formosa
Double Gauche #2

Gil Formosa began his career in comics at the age of 18, working at the art studio of the publishing house Dargaud. He worked as the assistant of Morris, and dealt with the merchandising related to the 'Lucky Luke' animation series. In 1977, he created four short stories for Pilote. He also created the heroic fantasy series 'Légendes du Chevalier Cargal' with scripts by Daniel Pecqueur for this magazine bewteen 1982 and 1989.

Légendes du Chevalier Cargal by Gil Formosa
Légendes du Chevalier Cargal

Afterwards, Formosa went to work in the advertising and animation field. He did several commissions for Glénat (two albums with Tex Avery charcters), Marvel (a 'Conan' cover) and Semic (several covers and illustrations). With writer Jean-Marc Lofficier, he began the 'Robur' series at Albin Michel in 2003. Three years later, he began 'Double Gauche' at Dargaud with Eric Corbeyran.

Robur, by Gil Formosa

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