Joe Jinks, by Vic Forsythe 1932

Vic Forsythe is the creator of the newspaper strip 'Joe Jinks', which first appeared in the New York World in 1918 under the name 'Joe's Car'. Its title character is a balding, agitated man with a passion for automobiles (later airplanes), and his nagging wife, Blanche. The Sunday page was accompanied by the topper 'Divot Diggers'. Forsythe left the strip in 1933 to work on 'Way Out West'.

Divot Diggers, by Vic Forsythe (1931)

From then on, the strip was drawn by a succession of different artists: Pete Llanuza, Sam and Mo Leff, Bill Holman, Henry Formhals, Al McWilliams, John Celardo and Wayne Boring. Its title changed to 'Curly Kayoe' in 1945, after the blond boxer that Joe was coaching, and to 'Davy Jones' in 1961, when a sailing side-character steered the story into maritime adventures. The strip finally ended in 1971.

Joe Jinks, by Vic Forsythe (1931)

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