Kin, by Gary Frank

Gary Frank has done his first work for Marvel UK titles like 'Motormouth & Killpower' and 'Dark Angel'. His first important job was cooperating with writer Peter David on Marvel's 'Incredible Hulk' in 1993-94. He then did some loose assignments, such as 'Black Canary/Oracle: Birds of Prey', 'JLA' and some covers, before joining Peter David again on DC's 'Supergirl'. He cooperated with John Arcudi on 'Gen 13' and Wildstorm. In 2000, he started his won mini-series 'Kin', which he wrote, drew and published by himself. It was later reprinted by Image/Top Cow. He has cooperated with J. Michael Straczynski on such titles as 'Midnight Nation' and 'Supreme Power'.

cover by Gary Frankcover by Gary Frank

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