Waldeck, by Thierry Gioux

Thierry Gioux was born near the coast of Normandy, and lived there until moving to Rouen in 1998. After studying English Language and Plastic Arts, he began working on his first comics projects. He cooperated on some fanzines and succeeded Philippe Adamov on the series 'Le Vent des Dieux', starting with the sixth album. With writer Luc Dellisse, he created 'Waldeck' at the publishing house Glénat, a biographical series about the life of poet, explorer and commedian Frédéric Waldeck. Fascinated by Mexico and its history, he created the series 'Hauteville House' with Fred Duval, a western set in Mexico. He lives and works on the British island Guernsey.

Le Vent des Dieux, by Thierry Gioux

Last updated: 2008-08-22

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