Martin Milan, by Christian Godard

Born in Paris, Christian Godard's comics career started in the early 1950s, initially under the pseudonym Eme. He did his earliest works for Éditions Rouff ('Pic et Joc', 'Biscotto', 1954-58) and the magazines Fillette ('Poupette', 1954-57), Hoppy, Jocko, Coq Hardi, Francs-Jeux ('Les Aventures de Fut Fut & Teuf Teuf') and Fripounet et Marisette (1955). For the publisher Mon Journal, he drew 'L'Agence Flick contre Fantomuch' in Biribu (1955-56) and 'Pic et Joc' in Kriss (1961).

Poupette, by Christian Godard

Godard created the title comic of Benjamin et Benjamine in 1955, a series that was continued by Uderzo and Goscinny from 1957. He also took over 'Lili' from Will and Goscinny in Paris-Flirt. Other 1950s creations include 'Le Narcisse d'Argent' in Pierrot Champion (1956), 'Tim et Anthime' in Ima (1957-59) and contributions to Lisette and Heures Claires.

Jacquot le Mousse, by Godard

Godard joined Vaillant magazine in 1957, and produced such series as 'Les Aventures de Gil Bagout' (1957), 'Pipsi' (1959) and 'Tonton la Chance' (1961) for the magazine. In addition, he worked for Pilote magazine from the start, doing 'Jacquot le Mousse' (1959), 'Les Missions de l'Agent E1000' and 'Tromblon et Bottaclou' (1962, scripts by Goscinny). Also for this magazine, Godard began his first big series, 'Norbert et Kari', in 1962.

Martin Milan, by GodardMartin Milan, by Godard

In 1967 he started his most famous series, 'Martin Milan' for the magazine Tintin. In addition, Godard contributed short stories to Record (1963-64), made a comics version of 'Mister Magoo' for Hachette and Télé-Junior, and produced a large number of advertising comics. He cooperated with Jacky Goupil on a couple of volumes in the 'Guides en BD' collection of Vents d'Ouest, and also proved a versatile writer for others from 1968.

comic art by Christian Godard

As a scriptwriter, he has cooperated with Mittéï ('Modeste et Pompon' and 'Indésirable Désiré' in Tintin), Mic Delinx ('La Jungle en Folie' in Pif Gadget), Martial ('Sylvie'), Julio Ribera (a.o. 'Le Vagabond des Limbes' in Circus, Tintin and Pilote), Derib, Pierre le Guen ('La Vie d'Artiche'), Florenci Clavé ('La Bande à Bonnot', 'Le Bras du Démon'), Al Coutelis ('Les Treize Transgressions'), Albert Blesteau ('Toupet' in Spirou), Valda ('Les Baby-Sitters' at Dupuis), Éric Juszezak ('Oki' at Glénat), Roger Widenlocher ('Achille Talon' at Dargaud), Franz Duchazeau ('Une Vie de Chien' in Spirou), Claude Plumail ('Le Cybertueur' at Glénat) and Achdé ('Doc Véto' at Dargaud).

Norbert et Kari, by Christian Godard

With Julio Ribera, he also headed his own publishing house, Le Vaisseau d'Argent, from 1988 to 1991. Godard is considered a good representative of the Franco-Belgian school, both for series like 'Martin Milan' and 'Norbert et Kari', and his many cooperations with other artists.

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