Tits, by Peter Koeken

Peter Koeken studied at the Saint-Luc Academy in Schaarbeek, began working at the Vandersteen studios in 1976. He started out as the inker of the backgrounds in 'Robert en Bertrand' and 'Suske en Wiske', and he reworked German 'Jerom' stories for the Dutch market. He inked Merho's 'Tits' stories, and was the series penciller from 1979 until its cancellation in 1984. He worked as an allround artist for Standaard Uitgeverij for a while, among others making game pages for the Suske en Wiske holiday books. He then associated with Merho again, doing the inking of the series 'Kiekeboe' since 1991.

Laatste update: 2010-06-04

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