Unsupervised Existence, by Terry LaBan
Unsupervised Existence #7 (Fantagraphics, 1992)

Beginning as a political cartoonist for the Ann Arbor News in the mid-1980s, Terry LaBan got national attention with the publication of his comic book series 'Unsupervised Existence', by Fantagraphics Books in 1989. That series was followed with another, 'Cud', in 1992. After eight issues of Cud, LaBan went over to Dark Horse Comics in 1995, where his third series 'Cud Comics' ran another eight issues, until 1998.

comic art by Terry LaBan

Besides in his own books, LaBan's comics and cartoons have appeared in a vast number of magazines including Blab, Mad Magazine and Nickelodeon Magazine. He's been staff illustrator and political cartoonist for the alternative weekly In These Times from 1990 until the present. He also continues to work as a freelance illustrator and a writer for various comic book companies. He has written several stories with Disney characters for the Danish publisher Egmont since 1998. In 2001, King Features Syndicate syndicated 'Edge City', a daily comic strip written and drawn by Terry and his wife, Patty LaBan.

comic art by Terry Laban

'Edge City' on King Features

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