Dixie Road, by Hugues Labiano

Born in Bayonne, Hugues Labiano moved to Paris after completing his studies in Plastic Arts to start a semi-professional career in 1984. He worked for several fanzines in the early stages of his career, such as P.L.G. and Sapristi!. The actual beginning of his professional career was a couple of years later, when he began illustrating for Hachette and Bayard-Presse (a.o. 'Voyage au Coeur de l'Europe du Moyen Âge', written by Philippe Brochard. He did an album about the village of Le Havre ('Premières Tempêtes') for Éditions Dynamick and also illustrated some stories for the magazines Circus and Vécu.

Mister George, by Hugues Labiano

He was part of Canal-Choc in 1989, a collective directed by Christin and Mézières, which also included Philippe Chapelle and Philippe Aymond, and produced a series of albums for Les Humanoïdes Associés. Two years later, Labiano turned to Glénat publishers to create the 'Matador' series with writer Gani Jakupi. With the famous comics writer Jean Dufaux Labiano began 'Dixie Road', a comic about 1930s America, at Dargaud in 1997. In 2003 and 2004, he made the diptych 'Mister George' with text by Serge Le Tendre and Rodolphe in the collection Signé at Lombard.

Dixie Road, by Hugues Labiano

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