Comic Creator


Elke Reinhart & Gerhard Schlegel

(b. 1967 & b. 1966, Germany)  Germany


comic art by Laska Comix

Laska Comix is the joint penname of Elke Reinhart (Munich, 1967) and Gerhard Schlegel (Kaufbeuren, 1966). They both studied Graphic Design in Ausburg, and work as independent illustrators and designers in München. When they couldn't find a publisher for their work, they founded Laska Comix in 1997, and under this umbrella, they self-publish comics projects like 'Tentakel' and 'Kaktus'. They have also contributed to comics magazines like Neox, Filmriss and Zack.

from Tentakel, by Laska


Last updated: 2013-04-11

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