Balade au Bout du Monde, by Laval

Laval NG is a comics artist from Mauritius. On the isle of Mauritius, he drew for the cultural magazine Autopsie and for the magazine Ticomix. He met Makyo at a comics festival on the isle of La Reunion. Makyo asked him to draw the fourth cycle of the series 'Balade au Bout du Monde' in 2003. The first three cycles of this series were drawn by Laurent Vicomte, Éric Hérenguel and Michel Faure. Laval also participated in the collective album 'Chroniques de Sillage' part 3. Laval and his work where the subject of an exposition called 'Mythes, contes et Légendes: L'Univers de Laval Ng', at the French Cultural Centre of Tananarive.

Laatste update: 2012-04-14

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