Lucien, by Frank Margerin

In 1975, when Frank Margerin was looking for a job in publishing or illustrating, he met Jean-Pierre Dionnet, who invited him to publish his first comics in the magazine Métal Hurlant. His first story was 'Simone et Léon', and it was followed by several others, as well as several contributions to the monthly humor magazine Rigolo in 1983-84. Additionally, in 1982, Margerin created 'Albert et Mauricette' for the weekly supplement of Matin de Paris, and two years later, 'Skoup et Max Flash', the comic adventures of two journalists, for Zoulou. Margerin also got illustration assignments from magazines like Nitro, Moto-Revue, Je Bouquine, Phosphore, Okapi, Astrapi and Playboy.

Les Autos, by Margerin (1991)

Margerin's main character is Lucien - a gentle rocker with a big nose, created in 1979. Together with his fellow comic authors Jean-Claude Denis and Dodo, Frank Margerin himself is part of a rock & roll band as well, called Dennis Twist. In 1989, he worked on an animation series about the adventures of Manu, which was broadcasted on TV in 1990. Together with Alteau, he adapts Manu to comics for Les Humanoïdes Associés.

Momo, by Margerin (2005)

Besides his work as a comic author himself, Margerin was employed as chief of the collective albums published by Les Humanoïdes, grouped under the collection name 'Frank Margerin Presente...'. Other work by Margerin include 'Momo le Coursier' in L'Écho des Savanes, and independent albums like 'Un Enfoiré et Quelques Connards' (Ed. Crapule), 'Y a Plus de Jeunesse' (Ed. Albin Michel) and 'Le Guide du Surf' and 'Le Guide de la Plage' (Ed. La Sirène).

comic art by Frank Margerin

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