Klébar le Chien, by Mo/CDM

Mo/CDM is an artist and writer for the magazine Fluide Glacial from 1995. He did several gag pages for the magazine, and he wrote the series 'Cosmik Roger' for Julien/CDM. He is also a versatile artist and writer for the publishing house La Sirène. There, he did several humorous books in the collection 'Guides de A à Z' with writer Germain, as well as the gag series 'Mat Matou' with Christian Gaudin. In 2002, he did 'Klébar le Chien, and a year later, he wrote and drew the futuristic space series 'Pad Bowlman'. The same year, he wrote 'Sam Speed' for Batem and Colman. In 2004, he started 'Bébé Academy' in the magazine Spirou with artist Gaël.

Pad Bowlman, by Mo/CDM
Christmas comic for Fluide Glacial, by Mo/CDM

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