Troglodytes by Marcel Ruijters
Troglodytes 2: Mappa Mundi

Marcel Ruijters studied at the Art Academy in Maastricht and started self-publishing his comics in 1988. For these first creations, with titles like 'Onbegrijpelijke Verhalen', 'De Mandrager' and 'Thank God It's Ugly', he collaborated with several other artists, especially Matthias Giesen.

A Day in the Swamp, by Marcel Ruijters (Coyote #5, March 1984)
A Day in the Swamp (Coyote #5, March 1984)

His work has been published in several magazines, including Zone 5300, Coyote, Gr'nn, AD, Webber, Skepter, De Humanist, Maandblad in Holland, as well as a variety of magazines from all over the world. Ruijters published 5 issues of his series 'Dr. Molotov'. He has had many exhibitions, from Terneuzen to Milano, and makes paintings and sculptures as well.

Slime Jerrycan, by Marcel Ruijters
Slime Jerrycan (Coyote, December 1984)

Of his extensive oeuvre, his work in the 3-volume series 'Troglodytes' is worth mentioning, as are 'A Jest of Nature' (published in Canada, 1998), the Portuguese 'Amor Fatal' (2000) and 'Tarot Corrupt' (with Le Dernier Cri in France, 2007).

Bestiarium cover, by Marcel Ruijters

Marcel Ruijters' graphic novel 'Inferno' (published by Oog & Blik, Amsterdam) won the VPRO award for the best Dutch graphic novel in May 2008. Marcel hosted the Inferno art exposition at Galerie Lambiek in April-June 2008. All 119 original pages from the graphic novel were on display as a tribute. The original scrapeboard illustrations were on display for his new booklet, 'Bestiarium', available since June 2008. He published another book with Le Dernier Cri in 2010, '1348'. Marcel Ruijters is also an editor of the alternative comics magazine Zone 5300.

Troglodytes comic art by Marcel Ruijters

Marcel Ruijters' Inferno exposition
Marcel Ruijters' Troglodytes site

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