Tijs Wijs by Willy Smit

Willy Smit was a Dutch illustrator and newspaper comic artist, best known for drawing the text comic 'Tijs Wijs de Torenwachter'. Smit published the booklets 'Dikkie en de Tooverketting' and 'Een uurtje in 't Dierenland' with publisher De Vlijt in Arnhem in 1933. He (or she?) was making illustrated stories in rhyme for the children's section of De Telegraaf in the 1938-1944 period (inclusing serials like 'Pop Joosje' and 'De oude klok').

Naar de fotograaf by Willy Smit
De Telegraaf (20 August 1939)

Between 1940 and 1942, 'Tijs Wijs' was published in De Telegraaf, as well as De Courant Het Nieuws van den Dag, with text by Herman Looman. Four books with the character were published, 'Het Avontuur met Oebiranka, de Wonderpapegaai', 'Bolletje Bink en de Wonderdokter', 'Avonturen met een Tooverring' and 'De Blauwe Diamanten van Bagdad'. Because of illness, one 'Tijs Wijs' story was drawn by Marten Toonder. By 1944, some 'Tijs Wijs' serials also ran in regional papers like Dagblad van Noord-Brabant and Limburger Koerier.

Tijs Wijs advertisement

'Tijs Wijs' was so popular that a musical was made out of it in the early 1940s. Other stories by Willy Smit are 'Dikkie en de Tooverketting', that was published by De Vlijt in Arnhem in (1933, and 'Een uurtje in't Dierenland' (1933). Smit made drawings for postcards, and for books by Mien Labberton that were published by Van Gorcum & Co. in Assen. 

Tijs Wijs by Willy Smit

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