Books of Magic, by Peter Snejbjerg

After being a member of the Den Blå Bil-studios in the mid-eighties, Peter Snejberg started working for several publications, and made the epic science-fiction fantasy 'Hypernauten'. He collaborated with Hendrik Rehr on 'Kurt Olsons Tidning' ('Kurt Olsson's Newspaper') for several hundred pages. After making 'Den Skjulte Protokol' ('The Hidden Protocol') he started to work for the American market with the horror comic 'Lords of Misrule'. He is best known for his work on Vertigo's gothic horror title 'The Books of Magic' and his contributions to Terry LaBan's 'The Dreaming' and DC's 'Starman'. Although most of his comics are published in the U.S., Snejbjerg draws his stories at the Gimle Studios in Copenhagen.

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