La Esméralda, by Jean-Marc Stalner

Jean-Marc Stalner has, until recently, had the exact same career as his brother, Éric Stalner. They made all their comics together, one doing the penciling, the other the inking. In 1987, they made their debut with the Daniel Bardet scripted 'Les Poux' (brought out under the pseudonyms of Alexandre and Martin Stalner; though Stalner is not their real surname). After many titles such as 'Le Boche', 'Fabien M.', 'Nordman' and 'Le Fer et le Feu', in 1998 they decided to each go their own professional way. Jean-Marc continued his work by collaborating with Achdé on 'La Esméralda', based on a novel by Victor Hugo. In 2001, he teamed up with Bardet again, to create the historical series 'Le Maître de Pierre'.

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