Garage Isidore, by Stédo

Stéphane Dauvin, who signs with Stédo, studied applied arts in both Dinant and Liège. He works for the magazine Spirou since 1999. He produced numerous short stories, gag pages and illustrations, as well as the series 'Feuilleton des Gens Bons'. In 2002, he took over the artwork of the 'Garage Isidore' series from Olis (text by François Gilson). He also drew the 'Monde de Micheline' series for Fluide Glacial. His first gag albums appeared at the publishhing house Bamboo, such as the serials 'S.O.S. Shobiz' and 'Les Pompiers'.

S.O.S. Shobiz, by Stedo

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