Noortje, by Jan Steeman

Jan Steeman began his comics career in the scouting magazine Alle Hens, where he illustrated several stories and articles. His first work was a comic adaptation of Jules Verne's 'Het IJzeren Paard', and appeared in the magazine Prins Leo.

Het Stoomhuis, by Jan Steeman (from Prins Leo)
Het Stoomhuis (from Prins Leo)

In 1959, he began the gag strip 'Rik' in Taptoe, that was continued as a continuing series under the name 'Rik, Clio en Pluk' from 1961 to 1970. In 1964, he cooperated with the Toonder Studios, where he began drawing on the production for publisher De Geïllustreerde Pers. He illustrated Disney comics with 'The Big Bad Wolf' and 'Hiawatha' for Donald Duck weekly, as well as 'The Flintstones' and 'De Steenrakkertjes'.

Sjors en Sjimmie by Jan Steeman
Sjors en Sjimmie, Sjors #42, 1973

In 1968, the took over the artwork of the series 'Panda' from Dick Matena, which he continued until 1970. That year, he left the studios to begin a collaboration with the magazine Sjors. There, he took over the title comic 'Sjors en Sjimmie' from Jan Kruis, and he began the science-fiction series 'Arad en Maya' with text by Lo Hartog van Banda.

Arad en Maya by Jan Steeman
Arad en Maya

After the disappearance of Sjors, he went to work for its successor Eppo, where he took on the soccer comic 'Roel Dijkstra' with writer Andries Brandt. Steeman drew this series until 1981.

Hiawatha, by Jan Steeman

Steeman was one of the co-founders of the satirical comics monthly De Vrije Balloen in 1975. That same year, he joined the girls' magazine Tina, where he began the popular series 'Noortje' with text writer Patty Klein.

In October 2005 Jan Steeman received the coveted Dutch Stripschapprijs for his comic oeuvre. Steeman's sons Theo, Lucas and Sander have also become artists.

Roel Dijkstra, by Jan Steeman (Eppo, 1978)

cover for Sjors, by Jan Steemancover for Sjors, by Jan Steeman

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