Captain America, by Jim Steranko

Jim Steranko started drawing comics in 1965. Initially, he worked for Harvey Publications, creating three series, 'Spyman', 'Magicmaster' and 'The Gladiator', but the line folded after a few issues. Then Marvel Comics editor Stan Lee hired him as a penciller for the 'Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.' series. Steranko first filled in layouts, but soon took over the series and began to play with his new medium in surprising and innovative ways. His work became a major influence on contemporary comic artists.

Steranko's reputation is built on less than thirty comics stories: his 'Nick Fury' work, a couple of issues of 'Captain America' and 'X-Men', and a short story in 'Tower of Shadows,' among others. In 1969, he started his own publishing venture 'Supergraphics', which published the magazine Mediascene and Steranko's 'History of Comics' in 1970. Although he continued to contribute cover art to Marvel until 1973, his last comic story for the company was a single issue of 'Our Love Story', published in 1970. Steranko has won numerous awards for his work both in America and Europe.

Nick Fury, by Jim Steranko

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