Quim e Manecas, by José Stuart Carvalhais
Quim e Manecas

José Stuart Carvalhais is considered the founder of Portuguese children's comics. Starting in 1915, he made the series 'Quim e Manecas' in O Século Cómico, a humorous supplement of Século. He continued this series until 1953, eight years before his death. Although at first the series was about the adventures of two little boys, its stories soon became more political and ironic. In World War I, the two characters fought against the enemy. The two characters even went to Russia in 1918 and even met Lenin! It took until 1930 before they had their next adventure, apart from some guest appearances in 'Aventuras do Pirilau'.

Manecas e a Quadrilha do Olho Vivo (O Seculo, 24-12-1917), by Stuart Carvalhais
Manecas e a Quadrilha do Olho Vivo (O Seculo, 24 December 1917)

In 1930, the adventures of 'Quim e Manecas' appeared in Sempre Fixe, where they started a new phase in their career. In 1939, because of restrictions due to the war, Quim was replaced by João Manuel, a character inspired by a real child, the future architect João Manuel Ruella Ramos. The stories changed to a softer tone, and no longer featured political subjects.

Quim e Manecas, by José Stuart Carvalhais
In World War I, Quim and Manecas fight against the enemy along with the army

In World War I, Quim and Manecas fought against the enemy along with the army Carvalhais was probably familiar with and inspired by American comics, because the character of Manecas has a resemblance to Outcault's 'Yellow Kid'. José Stuart Carvalhais was one of the first European comic artists to use text balloons. In 1916, a film was made with real-life actors of 'Quim e Manecas', where Stuart played the part of Manecas. Stuart Carvalhais was also one of the founders of the magazine 'L'ABC-zinho'.

O Raio da Morte, by José Stuart Carvalhais

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