Digedags, by Gisela Zimmermann

Gisela Zimmermann was born and raised in Bremen. She studied art and attended the same classes as Manfred Schmidt. After completing her studies, she became a press artist in Berlin. She married the illustrator Kurt Zimmermann. When Mosaik turned from quarterly to monthly magazine, she became part of Hannes Hegen's art collective. She was specialized in mass-scenes, and remained active for the magazine after Hegen's departure. Besides working on 'Digedags' and 'Abrafaxe' stories, she worked with writer Lothar Dr├Ąger on the Mosaik supplement 'Klaus und Hein'.

Klaus und Hein, by Gisela Zimmermann

Digedags, by Gisela Zimmermann


Images provided by Robert L÷ffler.

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