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Strip and music performance : Kafka Band plays on 7 February in EYE Amsterdam

Strip and music performance : Kafka Band plays on 7 February in EYE Amsterdam

Kafka goes pop . The Kafka Band initiated by the Czech artist Jaroslav Rudis and Jaromir Svejdik - retells the haunting novel The Castle by Franz Kafka in the... Read more


Lambiek is Europe's first comic shop and probably the oldest existing comic shop worldwide. It has been a hallmark in the world of comics since the opening in 1968.

Our site presents the Comiclopedia, an online encyclopedia of thousands of comic artists from all over the world. You can also browse through our webshop for old and new comics, prints and original artwork. We ship worldwide.

Come and visit our shop when you are in Amsterdam!

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  • Walking Dead

    All Out War part 1

    The biggest storyline in THE WALKING DEAD history starts here. It's Rick versus Negan, with a little help from everyone else! Collects THE WALKING DEAD #115-120
  • Beautiful Darkness

    A dark fairy tale about surviving the human experience. Beautiful Darkness is a harrowing look at the human psyche and the darkness that hides behind the routine politeness and meaningless kindness of...
  • Mister Natural statue

    Twas Ever Thus

    With an exclusive giclee print (200x250 mm) signed and numbered/lettered by the artist Very limited edition.
  • Stray Bullets

    Uber Alles Edition

    The original five story arcs of one of the all-time greatest crime comic series are collected in this giant 1,200 page volume. "The Innocence of Nihilism," "Somewhere Out West," "Other...
  • My Boy

    With his debut album 'My Boy' Olivier Schrauwen imidiatly broke through nationaly as well as internationaly. My Boy, a collection of surrealistic short stories about a father and his son who is so small that...
  • Building Stories

    After years of sporadic work on other books and projects and following the almost complete loss of his virility, it’s here: a new graphic novel by Chris Ware. Building Stories imagines the inhabitants...
  • Society is Nix

    From The Yellow Kid to the Captain and the Kids, these are the origins of the American comic strip, created at a time when there were no set styles or formats, when artistic anarchy helped spawn a new medium....
  • The Complete Carl Barks Disney Library

    Donald Duck - Christmas On Bear Mountain

    THE VERY FIRST SCROOGE STORY... PLUS WEST INDIAN, AUSTRALIAN AND VOLCANIAN ADVENTUREs Scrooge McDuck is now such a fixture in the Disney universe that few remember Carl Barks had been writing and drawing...
  • The Blighted Eye

    Glenn Bray began collecting original comic art in 1965 and eventually amassed the most eclectic collection of comic art in private hands. The Blighted Eye features work by an A to Z of cartooning masters from...
  • Hip Hop Family Tree

    Originally serialized on the hugely popular website Boing Boing and now collected in a single volume. Piskor's exuberant cartooning takes you from the parks and rec rooms of the South Bronx to the night clubs,...
  • Mutts Collection

    Cat Crazy

    This 17th chronological collection of Mutts strips, a year's worth of color Sunday strips and black-and-white daily strips are included, along with pop-art splash pages that highlight Patrick McDonnell's...
  • A History of Japan

    Showa 1926 1939

    Showa 1926-1939: A History of Japan is the first volume of Shigeru Mizuki's meticulously researched historical portrait of twentieth-century Japan. This 560-page volume deals with the period leading up to...

Kees Kousemaker’s Comiclopedia

The Comiclopedia is an illustrated compendium of over 12,000 comic artists from around the world.

Some (random) artists from the Comiclopedia:

Joe Birch

Joe Birch

Horst Boche

Horst Boche

Dani the O

Dani the O

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  • Kees Kousemaker's Comiclopedia

    Kees Kousemaker's Comiclopedia

    Our illustrated compendium of over 11,000 comic artists from around the world. Search for your favorite artists, books, strips and characters

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  • The Godfather of Underground

    The Godfather of Underground

    For nearly four decades, Robert Crumb has shocked, entertained, titillated, and challenged the imaginations (and the inhibitions) of comics fans the world over. Alternative comics as we know them today might never have come about without his influence.

Lambiek's Businesscard sold on ebay for fifty bucks!

Lambiek's Businesscard sold on ebay for fifty bucks!

For the third time - for as far as we know - our Lambiek business card is sold on... Read more

Gallery Lambiek is back!

Gallery Lambiek is back!

On November 8, 2013, the day Lambiek celebrated its 45th anniversary, the gallery... Read more

Lambiek's 45th anniversary and reopening of the gallery

Lambiek's 45th anniversary and reopening of the gallery

On Friday 8 November comics shop Lambiek will celebrates its 45th birthday, as... Read more

Lambiek hosts 24 Hour Comic Day 2013.

Lambiek hosts 24 Hour Comic Day 2013.

In the build-up to our 45th anniversary, Lambiek will organize another 24H Comics... Read more