Daily Comics 1928-1930

artist:  Percy Crosby 
series: Skippy 
volume: 2 
publisher: Idw Publishing 
publish date: 10-09-2013 
language: English 
coloring: black/white 
size: 250x225x35mm  
pages: 328

THE COMPLETE SKIPPY continues the first-ever series to reprint the legendary Skippy comic strips by Percy Crosby. Volume two contains all daily comics from 1928 through 1930. The introduction details Crosby's life during Skippy's transition from Life Magazine to the newspaper page and those first years of the strip's wild success.
Co-edited by Jared Gardner and Dean Mullaney, designed by Lorraine Turner, and illustrated with many photographs and rare artwork from the collection of the cartoonist's daughter, Joan Crosby Tibbetts, and Skippy, Inc.

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