The Scorpion
The Devil in the Vatican

artist:  Enrico Marini 
series: The Scorpion 
volume: 2 
publisher: Cinebook 
publish date: 23-9-2013 
language: English 
coloring: full color 
pages: 96

The Stone Cross: The Scorpion, whose mother Cardinal Trebaldi burnt at the stake for loving a man of the cloth, discovers that his father was the murdered Pope himself. When Trebaldi addresses a huge crowd at the end of the mourning period, the Scorpion is there to tell the truth about how the people’s beloved Pope died.

The Devil in the Vatican: Trebaldi claims that the sacred cross of St Peter miraculously appeared in his castle. The Scorpion must find the real cross if he is to prove Trebaldi’s treachery.

€ 19,95