Sherlock Holmes by Benyouccef Abbas Kebir
Sherlock Holmes comic by Benyoucef Abbas Kebir

Benyoucef Abbas Kebir is an Algerian designer, illustrator, cartoonist, musician and archaeologist. He was educated at the Mustapha Ferroukhi school, and published his first comic page in L'Unité in 1977. He has since worked as an illustrator and cartoonist for the Algerian and Arab press. Abbas Kebir is the author of several comic books, that mostly deal with the history of Algeria. His books include 'L'Orchestre aux Bananes', ' Abdelmoumen Ibn Ali, Le Chevalier du Maghreb', 'L'Histoire de l'Algérie', 'Rais Hamidou, le corsaire d'Alger' (Enag Editions, 2009), 'Figures héroiques du Maghreb' (Enag Editions, 2009), ' El Kahina, la reine des Aures' (Enag Editions, 2010) and ' 17 octobre 1961, tragédie sur Seine' (Dalimen, 2011). He is also the director of the Emir Abdelkader Museum in Miliana.

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