The Whizzer, by Al Avison

Al Avison was a Timely/Marvel artist from the so-called 'Golden Age' of comics (the 1940s). After his education at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, he co-created Marvel's weirdest hero, 'The Whizzer' with fellow artist Al Gabrielle in USA Comics #1 in 1941. As a part of Marvel's All-Winners Squad, the Whizzer was a hero whose special power was incredible speed, which he got through an injection of mongoose blood. Avison's most notable work was on 'Captain America', on which he and Syd Shores succeeded Jack Kirby and Joe Simon in January, 1942. He had also pencilled and inked 'The Vision' (in Marvel Mystery Comics), 'The Blonde Phantom', 'The Young Allies' (in Amazing Comics, Kid Komics and Mystic Comics), 'The Black Marvel', and 'Tommy Tyme' (in Mystic Comics). He also cooperated as an inker with Jack Kirby on the debut of 'Marvel Boy' in 1940.

Besides Marvel, Avison has drawn for Fawcett ('Captain Marvel', 1941-42), Harvey Comics ('Blazer', 'Casper the Friendly Ghost', Captain Freedom', 'Joe Palooka', 'The Green Hornet', 'Humphrey', 'Little Dot' and 'Shock Gibson') until the early 1950s.

Witches Tales, by Al Avison

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