Martian Manhunter, by Eduardo Barreto
Martian Manhunter

Luis Eduardo Barreto was a comic artist from Montevideo, Uruguay who mainly worked for DC Comics in the USA. He began his career drawing for oriental newspapers. In the 1970s, he worked with Hector German Oesterheld on 'Kabul de Bengala' in Argentina. He also cooperated on many series with the publisher Columba, including 'Nippur'. Since the 1980s he was mostly active for the US comic books.

Judge Parker by Eduardo Barreto
Judge Parker (8/3/2009)

Among his early works was 'Shield' for the Rec Circle Comics Group. He worked on many DC titles, including 'The New Teen Titans', 'Atari Force', 'The Shadow Strikes', 'DC Comics Presents'. His most notably works are the 'Superman' graphic novels 'Lex Luthor, the Unauthorized Biography' (1989), 'Speeding Bullets' (1993) and 'Under a Yellow Sun' (1994).

Barreto also worked for other companies, including Claypool ('Elvira, Mistress of the Dark'), Marvel ('Marvel Knights') and Dark Horse ('Aliens/Predator: the Deadliest of the Species', 'Indiana Jones', 'The Escapist'). In 2006, Barreto took over the artwork from the 'Judge Parker' comic strip from Harold LeDoux. Meningitis forced him to stop penciling the strip in 2010. He was succeeded by Mike Manley.

Martian Manhunter, by Eduardo Barreto

He did however took on the pencilling of the 'Phantom' Sunday pages for King Features, but the Uruguayan artist passed away on 15 December 2011, at the age of 57. He has clearly had a big impact on many fans and co-workers.
"With his impeccable draftsmanship and attention to nuance and detail, Eduardo Barreto was a true artist's artist. A mainstay of DC Comics, he was one of the key artists during the 1980s who not only helped define the look and feel of the DC Universe but got me hooked on the Teen Titans. His incredible work and vision will be missed."
Jim Lee, Co-Publisher, DC Entertainment

The Phantom by Eduardo Barreto
The Phantom (31/7/2011)

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