comic art by Bellvi

The Catalan artist Bellvi was born in Barcelona. He has taken courses in drawing comics from José Escobar since 1982, and he also studied comics at the Joso Academy. In 1984, he joined the School of Applied Arts in Barcelona, and had his first collaborations with magazines like El Violador, Oligofrenia and Crónica Punk. In 1985, he created his photocopied comic book Moco, featuring characters like 'Conlos'.

from Killer Ink, by Bellvi

Since then, he has contributed to a great variety of alternative magazine and has created characters like 'Piezo Retrato' (1986), 'Compania Suicida' (1990), 'Doctor Trapa' (1992), 'Estricnino' (1992), 'El Motruo Autista' (1992), 'El Padre Octopuss' (1997), 'Gresolets' (1998), 'Barrabás El Altenativo' (2001) and 'T.V. Duendes' (2001), all published in magazines like N.D.F., TMEO, Tartatatin, Psikomoko, Makoki, Cretino, Felator, Killer Ink Company, Solidarin, Güaita and Gresol.

comic art by Bellvi (2004)

comic art by Bellvi

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