Elishama and Ephraim Leave Mitzrayim by Dovid Bichman
Elishama and Ephraim Leave Mitzrayim

Dovid Bichman is an ultra-Orthodox Israeli comics creator. He works mainly for the publishing house Feldheim on comic adaptations of Jewish holy scripts by Mordechai Chalamish. These adaptations are mostly related to Jewish holidays and include 'Elishama and Ephraim Leave Mitzrayim', 'Megillas Esther - The Children of Shushan Fight Haman', 'Dovid Ben Yishai' and 'David king of Israel', among many others.

Dovid Ben Yishai by Dovid BichmanMegillas Esther by Dovid Bichman
Covers for Dovid Ben Yishai and Megillas Esther

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