Manson, by Paolo Bisi
Manson #3 (2010)

Born in Pacienza, Paolo Bisi won a comics contest in Prato, Italy, in 1981. However, it took several years before he actually entered the field of comics on a professional basis. After obtaining his degree at the Art Institute of Parma, Bisi worked as a freelance storyboard and layout artist for several ad agencies in Milan between 1987 and 1993.

Lazarus Ledd by Paolo Bisi
Lazarus Ledd - La Citta Brucia (1994)

He returned to comics in 1992, when Granata Press published the short story he created with Marcello Toninelli, 'La Casa dei Fantasmi', in their Dark Magazine. He then worked with Ade Capone on 'Requiem' (Intrepido and Liberty publishers, 1995) and two 'Lazarus Ledd' stories for Star Comics.

Bisi joined the art staff of Sergio Bonelli Editore and drew installments in the series 'Mister No' (1996-2005) and 'Zagor' (2005-2008). He subsequently made a series of three books about serial killer Charles Manson with Cédric Rassat for the French publisher Glénat between 2008 and 2010.

Mister No by Paolo Bisi
Mister No - Braccati (2003)

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