Aliben Zebra by Joop Bonarius
Aliben Zebra onder de Jappen (Utrechts Nieuwsblad, 30/8/1946)

Joop Bonarius was a Dutch illustrator and comic artist from Arnhem. He has made illustrations for postcards, and is the author of two (known) comic strips, that appeared in local newspapers shortly after World War II. The first one was 'Boebi Trep en Jippie Jee' and ran in Nieuw Noordhollands Dagblad from 4 March until 24 July 1946. The main character was a Canadian bear, who was rejected for military service, but came to Europe as a stowaway during the invasion.

In the following month, Bonarius' next strip started in Utrechts Nieuwsblad. 'Aliben Zebra onder de Jappen' (23 August to 20 December 1946) was a comic strip about an antropomorphic zebra air force pilot fighting the Japanese. It was one of the first new comic strips to appear in the post-war issues of the Utrecht newspaper, but it possibly also ran in other (regional) newspapers.

Boebi Trep en Jippie Jee by Joop Bonarius

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