Ulix by Alfredo Brasioli
'Ulix' (1977).

Alfredo Brasioli was an Italian comic artist, illustrator and graphic artist, who has worked extensively for Catholic publishing houses. Born in 1935 in Bovolone (Verona), he began his career in Rome. Among his early works are the comics 'Lo Stregone Bianco' and 'Il Fantasma di Land-Town' for Yoga Club (1955-1957), a promotional magazine for Yoga fruit juices. In the 1960s, he illustrated stories and articles for the Catholic magazines Vera Vita and Voci d'Oltremare. He was present in Il Vittorioso as a designer of headers and an illustrator for comic serials during the 1970s, and he made illustrations as well as the sci-fi feature 'Ulix' (with A. Montanari in 1977) for Il Giornalino.

From the 1970s onwards, Brasioli worked a lot for the children's magazines of the Catholic publishing houses Edizioni A.V.E. and Edizioni ELI. These included La Giostra, TOT, Segno nel Mondo, Tutti Insieme, Ciao, Davai, Festa, Ragazzi and Kid. His work included mostly illustrations, but also comic stories of an educational and religious nature. Further work in this tradition appeared in Il Piccolo Missionario. Alfredo Brasioli passed away on 22 November 2016.

Illustration by Alfredo Brasioli

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