Comic Creator Bringmann & Kopetzki

Bringmann & Kopetzki

Jens Bringmann & Valentin Kopetzki

(b. 18 November 1970 & b. 21 December 1969, Germany)   Germany

  Bringmann & Kopetzki

Hotze, by Bringmann & Kopetzki

Jens Bringmann and Valentin Kopetzski have been working on a collective comics and illustration oeuvre since the early 1990s. In 1994, they co-founded the techno-house club Stammheim/Aufschwung Ost, for which they also provided a large amount of artwork. They have created comics for Groove since 1995. In this magazine, they created the character 'Hotze' in 1997. The first album appeared in 2000, accompanied by a soundtrack album. In the same year, the magazine Wieselflink started to reprint some of the older 'Hotze' stories. From 2003, they also produce comics for Raveline. They have been nominated in the category "Artwork" at the German Dance Awards. In addition, Bringmann and Kopetzki do a lot of artwork for record labels.


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