Comic Creator

Jan van den Brink

(12 December 1919 - January 1993, The Netherlands)  Netherlands

Jan van den  Brink

Van Zeven Rovers, by Jan van den Brink

Jan van den Brink was born in Oosterhout, and was famous as an artist, teacher and painter. He has done mosaics, water paintings, oil paints and artworks in varying techniques, from charcoal to pen and ink. During World War II, he fought at the Dutch Waterline in Delft. After the War, he was working as an illustrator for the Catholic children's magazine Zonneland, published in Breda. His wife Riet wrote stories for the magazine, which were illustrated by Jan most of the time. Their best known work was the comic strip 'Koos Kwiek', that ran for eight seasons in the 1930s.

Van Zeven Rovers, by Jan van den Brink

The success of their comics also led to collaborations with magazines like De Gouden Wiek and De Engelbewaarder, published by R. K. Jongensweeshuis in Tilburg. For De Engelbewaarder, Jan and Riet van den Brink made the text strip 'Van Zeven Rovers' in 1956-57. Van den Brink was also a versatile illustrator for church books, birthcards and school books. For many years, he illustrated the carnaval papers of the daily De Stem. Since the late 1940s, Van den Brink had also been involved with monumental art. His work has been featured on churches, schools, cultural centres, theaters and hospitals.

Van Zeven Rovers, by Jan van den Brink

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