Wildcats, by Mat Broome

Mat Broome is an artist with credits at Marvel, DC and Wildstorm. He has worked on such titles as 'Batman: No Man's Land', 'WildC.A.T.S.', 'Wildcats/X-Men' and 'Witchblade'. He started out working with Jim Lee's Wildstorm studios in 1994, where he expressed an interest in learning the skills and acquiring the equipment in order to incorporate three-dimensional modeling tools into comic book creation. He then founded the Digital Broome Studios in San Diego, where he works in digital comics design. Among his studios credits are 'X-Force', 'Skinner', 'Stormwatch' and 'DefCon 4', as well as Valiant titles like 'Shadowman', 'Quantum and Woody' and 'Unity 2000'. He left the comics field a while to work in video games, but returned to illustrate a comic adaptation of Raymond E. Feist's 'The Wood Boy'.

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