comic by Aloisio De Castro

Aloísio De Castro was born in the Brazilian capital São Paulo in 1955. He studied engineering and architecture, but began his career working in the advertising field. In 1980 he was employed as illustrator/journalist by the Jornal Cruzeiro do Sul paper in São Paulo. He also published cartoons and caricatures in the paper, and eventually worked for the ALMA Propaganda agency in Sorocaba. By 1984 he started making comics, contributing to Calafrio and drawing a comic with 'Luca Modesta' for Editora Abril. He also took on drawing for the communication department of the São Paulo subway. In the 1990s he participated in the development of the film 'Cassiopéia' by Clóvis Vieira, one of the first films made completely with the computer. In 2006 he illustrated the 'Gringo' comic book with a script by Wilson Vieira for the publisher Nomad.

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