Tigrotto, by Giuseppe Dellisanti (1974)
Tigrotto (1974)

Born in Bari, Giuseppe Dellisanti worked almost exclusively for the publisher and comic writer Ettore Nuzi, who are both from Puglia. Meaby. Dellisanti started his career in 1955, writing and drawing some issues of 'Le Avventure di Micione', stories about little cats. Dellisanti's best known character is 'Tigrotto' (little tiger), a pocket in the serial Biografie Grandi Campioni dello Sport (Nuzzi, 1963) with text by Mary Williams and M. Richmond (alias Nuzzi?).

Pinocchio, by Giuseppe Delli Santi
Pinocchio, art by Dellisanti

From 1971 to 1976, Nuzzi published 29 more issues of 'Tigrotto' (with funny shorts starring 'Orazio' and 'Formichino'), all by Dellisanti but only reprints. Between 1974 and 1976 Dellisanti wrote and drew 21 issues of 'Pinocchio' (edizioni Euro Americane by Nuzzi), adventures in color with the classic wooden boy by Collodi. Also, in the pages of this publication, he drew some short funny filler pages with the squirrels 'Tommy e Gimmy', the duck 'Anaclerio' and the little kid 'Fantolino'.

'Orazio', 'Joe Pestakally' and 'Pasquale il pirata' are three other anthropomorphic heroes by Dellisanti, whose adventures appeared in the magazine Mille Giochi (1984, Unipress, Florence). In 1975, 'Orazio' also had its one-shot comics book with Edizioni Euro Americane by Nuzzi. 'Bingo' had its one-shot published by Nuzzi, with back-up stories starring the ant 'Formichino', the old man 'Calogero', the cat Miki, and 'Tigrotto', all by Dellisanti.

Tigrotto, art by Delli Santi (1974)
Tigrotto (1974)

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