Ollie Olifant, by Marjorie van Doorn (1989)
Ollie Olifant (Okki, 1989)

Marjorie van Doorn was one of the main illustrators for children's magazine Okki by Malmberg in the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s. She made illustrations, craft pages and recipes, but especially comics in cooperation with Wilma van Doorn. Her best known creation is 'Ollie Olifant' (1989), a comic that evolved in the title comic 'Okki', that ran until 2006.

Okki by Marjorie van Doorn
Okki (Okki #13, 15/3/2002)

But she also made comic pages starring a great variety of other animal characters, such as 'Wollie en Kokmeeuw', 'Hannie Honingbij', 'Sjaan Zwaan' and 'Arie Arend'. She lives and works as a designer on the Dutch isle of Texel since 2006. She is affiliated with De Witte Engel, a firm that has designs puppets, felt cards and tapestries, among other things. She has also contributed to internal design and hobby magazines, such as Living Crafts and Lena.

Wollie en Kokmeeuw, by Morjorie van Doorn (1989)
Wollie en Kokmeeuw (Okki, 1989)


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