Raket Ridders by Rod. Draga

Hardly anything is known about the artist who went behind the pen name of "Rod. Draga.". The artist was responsible for the sci-fi space opera 'Raket-Ridders', which appeared in the weekly magazine De Week in Beeld from 11 November 1950 until 8 September 1951. The style is similar to that of the so-called digest-sized "picture-novels" of the time, which were drawn by Ben Abas and Lou Visser, among other people. De Week in Beeld was a weekly family magazine published by De Geïllustreerde Pers from 1935 to 1953. Other comics that appeared its pages during the 1950s were 'Gijsje Goochem' by Jacobus Grosman, 'Blix-Kater' by James Ringrose and 'Verowin' by Piet Wijn and Waling Dijkstra.

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