Goorgoorlou, by TT Fons

Alphonse Mendy, alias T.T. Fons, was born in Dakar and grew up in Pikine. In 1982, he became a journalist-cartoonist after he had come first in a talent competition. He made political drawings, and in the late 1980s he created the popular comic 'Goorgoorlu' for the satirical newspaper Le Cafard Libéré'. Since 1991 the separate issues of Le Cafard Libéré have been collected in the comic books 'Goorgoorlu et la dévaluation', 'Goorgoorlu survivant de la Dévaluation' and 'Goorgoorlu: Le Cauchemar'. The comic also appeared in the fullcolour magazine Nouvel Horizon.

Goorgoorlu by TT FonsGoorgoorlu by TT Fons

He founded the comic magazine 'GOOR Mag' at the end of 2002. Fons' accessible drawings and his recognisable comments on Senegalese society, as well as the television adaptations made by Moussa Sene Absa in short sketches in Franco-Wolof, have resulted in Goorgoorlu gaining an enormous following amongst the Senegalese population.

Goorgoorlou, by TT Fons

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