Ray Murphy by Fufu Frauenwahl
Ray Murphy - Detective of Dreams

Fufu Frauenwahl is a Berlin-based comic artist and illustrator. He studied graphic design in Nuremberg and comic art in Angoulême, France. He makes illustrations for books and magazines, and he also produces art for roleplaying games, including 'Das Schwarze Auge', 'Cthulhu', 'Perry Rhodan', 'Victoriana' and 'Tigres Volants'.

His main comic series is 'Ray Murphy - Detective of Dreams', Frauenwahl's "dream diary", inspired by Kafka and Lovecraft. His comics have been published in German, French and US anthologies, and in the Dutch magazines Zone 5300 and Pulpman. He is additionally a teacher in digital illustration in Berlin.

Illustration by Fufu Frauenwahl


Laatste update: 2012-07-19

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