Crash, Cork and the Baron, by Art Gates
Crash, Cork, and the Baron (Speed Comics #21, Harvey, 1942)

Arthur Gates worked as a comic book artist during the 1940s and 1950s. Initially working through Funnies Inc., he contributed features to comic books by Better Publications ('Bashful Brown', 'Looie Lazybones', 'Roger Dodger'), Timely ('Canonball Brown', 'The Patriot', 'Swoopy the Fearless'), Novelty ('Al T. Tude', 'The Cadet') and Quality ('Cyclone Cupid', 'Uncle Sam').

In the 1950s Gates worked mainly for Charlton on war and crime titles like Fightin' Air Force, Fightin' Army, Hillbilly Comics, and Lawbreakers. He additionally illustrated romance stories for Fawcett and Feature Comics, crime and war stories for Trojan Comics and mystery stories for Youthful Magazines. Gates has worked on syndicated comic strips like 'Lamentin' Luke' (1956), 'Service Smith' (1946) and 'Small Wonders' (1962). He formed Gates Features in the early 1960s. He has also worked as a salesman for the New York Herald-Tribune.

G.I. Andy (Wonder Comics #4, 1944)

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